Tokyo Stradivarius Festival 2018

Antonio Stradivari is undoubtedly “The Voice” of Cremona across the world. His name is synonymous with artistic excellence, refined craftsmanship and unparalleled sound. His work remains an absolute benchmark for every violinmaker of any time or any land, and the tradition of violinmaking that has evolved around his figure over the past five centuries has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Together with the impressive collection of beautiful instruments by this great Master, that the organizers have admirably been able to assemble in Tokyo from all over the world, TSF 2018 show exclusive artifacts from Stradivari’ s workshop and original documents about his life being exhibited for the first time in Japan.

The event is organized by Nippon Violin Co. Ltd with numerous international collaborations including the Royal Academy of London. The “Fondazione Museo del Violino” is the special partner and protagonist.

The exhibition tells the long history of violin making from its origins to today, from Amati, to Stradivari, up to contemporary instruments (including one of my cello).

Within the event, I represent contemporary violin making, I present the phases of construction of a violin and respond to visitors’ curiosity.

2500 visitors a day, concerts with 21 Stradivari instruments, an incredible experience!

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